Live Streaming




We have partnered with world-class events to produce race coverage and global broadcasts for Facebook Watch—a new live streaming and video-on-demand service released by Facebook in 2017. BCC Live has positioned itself as a global leader on Sports Broadcasting for social media.

Using cutting-edge hardware and software specifically built to deeply integrate with Facebook’s persistent API, we are able to offer ground-breaking services for audience interaction. We use custom graphics packages for these interactions live on screen in addition to lower thirds, bugs, and tickers, helping ensure consistency for your brand that helps boost engagement and followers to your page.

Additionally, we give you access to the premium transcoding tier of Facebook Live, which exclusively allows for high-quality streams of 1080p at up to 60 frames per second.

TriCaster Switching Controller

TriCaster Switching Controller




With the advent of faster and more efficient video codecs, we are able to utilize the growing infrastructure for LTE mobile wireless technologies to stream HD video from virtually anywhere in the world—even with minimal cell service.

Using our extensive experience with camera work on foot or by vehicle, we are capable of safely bringing your next live event to life with professional multi-camera productions. This means more great shots for your event, from never-before seen places.


In addition to streaming the action on-site, we can help you remotely implement content such as commentary from a studio.

Adding a host to your stream is a great way to improve your live event, and with BCC, your host is able to genuinely engage and interact with your audience. This is thanks to prompters giving real-time feedback of what your viewers are saying and how they are feeling via our Facebook integration capabilities.

In our studio, we can provide everything from simple voiceover commentary to multi-cam environments with professional audio, lighting, backdrops, green screens, custom desks, and more.